Our pricing is based on the venue and the day.

There is a minimum length of 3 hours to book our Virginia Beach location and a minimum length of 4 hours to book the Norfolk location.


The price includes chairs and tables for both locations, and the Kitchenette/Serving Room is included at the Norfolk location. 

There is a mandatory 6% tax and $100 cleaning fee for all event bookings.  

special rates on fridays and sundays

• What are your hours of operation?  We are open 7 days a week for events; Our business hours are Monday-Friday 9AM-530PM

• How big is your event space?  The Virginia Beach location is roughly 1,100 Square Feet, and the Norfolk location is roughly 1800 square feet. 

• What is the capacity for each space?   Up to 50 guests at Virginia Beach and up to 80 guests at Norfolk!

• Do you have a kitchen?  We do not offer a FULL kitchen, but we do have a Kitchenette/Serving Room at the Norfolk location that is INCLUDED with the rental.

• When can I setup my event? How long after my event do I have to breakdown?

Your reserved time must include your setup and breakdown time. You can party anytime within your venue booked time!


Example:  If you rent the space from 2:00-5:00, your setup time begins at 2:00 and the space needs to be cleaned and vacated by 5:00.

• Are there any decorating restrictions?  YES! We do not allow screws, staples or anything that can be used to penetrate our floors and walls.  We only permit the use of tack tape and command strips.

• Can my party have alcohol?  YES! You are required to obtain a Banquet License through the state of Virginia and provide us proof 7 days before your event. 

• Can I have candles with flames? YES!  Candles are only allowed if they are in glass globes.

• Can I have loose glitter? NO!